Wilson Farm Meats

About our company

The Wilson family has been farming since the 1870′s. Scott, a fifth-generation Wilson, established Wilson Farm Meats in 2004 in order to have a local retail and processing facility available to serve the local clientele. Scott Wilson’s farm, Wilson Prairie View Farms, is located in Walworth County Wisconsin where the pork is raised that is available for purchase at our Elkhorn store. The Wilson family and staff assures you the finest quality Fresh and Frozen Meats, custom cut to your liking. Also, bacon, ham, bratwurst, wieners, summer sausage, liver sausage, ring bologna, and much more are smoked at our plant in Elkhorn. Whether you purchase a whole or half beef, pig or individual retail cut(s) The Wilson family proudly provides you with the finest quality meats from the farm to your table!

USDA Inspected facility
Wilson Farm Meats is a USDA Inspected facility. We became a federally inspected plant in 2018 and anything we produce can be sold across state lines now.

old farm photos of pigs
black and white photos of pigs in pen

History of Wilson Farm Meats

Wilson Prairie View Farm was purchased in in the 1870′s by John and Jeannie Wilson. The land, originally owned by Palmer Gardner who homesteaded on the land in 1836, is located just outside Burlington, WI in Walworth County. The Wilsons were first generation immigrants from Scotland. Their son Robert and his wife Grace raised Western lambs, feeding out up to 8,000 to 10,000 animals annually.

In the early 1940′s the next generation took over the reins of the farm. In 1943 Ralph Wilson, son of Robert and Grace, bought his first Hampshire hogs. He later added additional breeds of hogs including Yorkshire, Landrace, Durocs and Crosses. Ralph, his wife Jeanette Niles Wilson and their children Jan, Scott and Julie continued to raise prize winning hogs on the 500 acre farm until Ralph’s recent passing.

Ralph’s son Scott currently manages the the operations of the Wilson Prairie View Farm. Scott’s son Alex and daughter Anna are also involved in the day to day operations of the hog farm.

Scott’s primary energy is focused on the breeding and care of the herds. Wilson’s Prairie View Farms is the only SPF certified Hog operation in the State of Wisconsin meaning that Wilson’s hogs are disease free and rigorously tested to maintain the integrity of the herds. Much of the feeds are raised on the farm and include corn and soybeans. Wilson’s continue to sell their top quality stock all over the country.

In 2003, Scott purchased the Elkhorn Locker Plant in Elkhorn, WI. Renamed “Wilson Farm Meats”, services include custom butchering, processing and packaging which is provided to the delight of local customers seeking locally raised meat; Scotts daughter Amber now manages Wilson Farm Meats. All popular cuts of meat are available fresh and frozen along with delectable varieties of bacon, ham, bratwurst, summer sausage, liver sausage and other specialty meats.